Spring Series – Race 2

The race start was delayed an hour due to thunderstorm warning from the HKO. Suited us as we needed to list the boat on the beach in order to to re-tape the main rigging.

After putting the boat back up, Shortty broke the Jib halyard which meant we needed to list the boat over to re-thread a new halyard through the ring.

We then set off and after 5 minutes were thrown a line by the race boat in order to get to the course on time. Shortty helmed and got us off to a good start courtesy of some tips we’d picked up from a clinic the weekend before. That said, we narrowly avoided a collusion with a Hobie 16O heading up the course. On the downwind leg it was decided there was more wind closer to Peng Chau so we hauled the kite to take advantage (see map below).

Metzy then jumped on the helm for the second lap looking to gain on two Dart 18s, a Hobie 16 and Hobie Tiger. Up to the top mark there was not much in it, maybe a couple of boat lengths. On the downwind we found our trim and balance making three gibes to come from the rear of the fleet and claim third place. Our best result to date.

Got a bit cocky on the way home thou and ended up going for a wee swim near rocks off Disneyland! After righting the boat, a gust came and Shortty held fast to the line to prevent a potential rescue.

Another awesome session, it took about three days to come down from the high.

Date: 17 May, 2014 11:05 am
Distance: 12.5 nautical miles
Elapsed Time: 2:42:27
Avg Speed: 4.6 kts
Max Speed: 15.2 kts


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