Maintenance Log


After the last session, it was clear some minor repairs were in order so here’s a record for good measure.


The halyard line was twisted with the forward starboard trapeze line. Weighted with some spare shackles, the line was hauled up through the spreaders, untangled and then lowered back down through. Keeping this line insider the spreaders prevents further entanglement.


Ends of the clew lines (black striped) were taped as well to prevent fraying. For better protection of the spin poles, the halyard (red striped) is tied to the tack line (blue) and tensioned.


Finally, blocks and track lubricated with silicon spray, and drainage holes drilled into base so storage box.

Next Time

Fix telltales (Mini-DV Cassette Tape) to the forward shrouds, replace shock chord on trapeze wires and blocks.


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