Winter is Coming

On the eve of Typhoon Usagi a steady wind and heat began to build.

By the morning of Saturday, September 21st a Typhoon Signal 1 had been issued by the Hong Kong Observatory and so Shortty and Metzy made there way down to the beach brimming with anticipation of choice sailing conditions.  A steady northerly greeted the them as well as a new pair of gloves and rash shirt for Metzy.  

Sails hauled and boat launched, Shortty got the boyz out of the bay and amongst some periodic gusts which meant they needed to keep their eyes peeled on the surface of the ocean for the tell-tale signs of oncoming pressure.

The gloves definitely came in handy as there was plenty of tacking and gybing.  The boyz eventually got the kite up and blasted downwind towards Disneyland.  On the tack back, they had there first full capsize and it took both of them right the boat!

Once back onshore they made good preparations for the onslaught of Usagi by dropping the mast, securing loose ends and parking the boat further up the beach near the LBC.

Date: 21/09/2013 10:15 am
Distance: 11.9 nautical miles
Elapsed Time: 4:12:09
Avg Speed: 2.8 kts
Max Speed: 15.2 kts
Avg Pace: 21′ 15″ per nm
Start Time: 2013-09-21T02:15:57Z
Start Location:  
  Latitude: 22º 18′ 00″ N
  Longitude: 114º 00′ 56″ E
End Location:  
  Latitude: 22º 18′ 01″ N
  Longitude: 114º 00′ 55″ E

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