Mission Accomplished

June in Hong Kong was a great month. The end of work and beginning of play, brilliant blue skies and plenty of wind.  It had been a long time since the last session for all of us and now the stars were aligned.

Shortty and I had talked about pushing out a bit further when the conditions were right, taking the better part of a day sailing to Mui Wo and back.  We woke up this day to a Typhoon Signal 1 and decided to give it a crack.

We hauled sail and cast off, the forecasted southerly was yet to gather pace so rather than risk getting caught between Peng Chau and Nim Shue Wan we decided to head due east around the outside of Peng Chau. This tactic eventually proved ill so we hauled the spinnaker and jibed downwind back towards DBay.

At around 11am with the LBC in sight, the wind picked up as forecasted and our mission was back on course!  We  blasted south downwind through the Peng Chau gap eventually making land outside of the China Beach Club in Mui Wo.  With Sinnerman hauled onto beach and head to wind, we strolled up to the club with wide grins for a well earned beer.

From the balcony at the China Beach Club we soaked up the sun and stunning vista.  It wasn’t long before the wind picked up so we downed our beers and heading back down to the beach to gear up for the journey home.  Shortty took helm and within seconds of launching we rocketed out of the bay on tack.  The swell and wind combined gave us a thrashing and several times sent Metzy flying through the air on the wire.  So we turned down wind, back through the gap an onto the LBC, our Mui Wo mission accomplished.


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