Off the Block

A hive of activity greeted us down the beach at the LBC this session.

Around 40 boats racing in three classes were gearing up for the annual Standard Life Asia Regatta. One of the crew from the boat parked next to us reckoned we should enter for the experience alone. “Next year”, we laughed, “no need to get ahead of ourselves and cause a collision”.

So our rigging time was a more relaxed affair to allow for the race boats and a spare trailer.

We did a little bit maintenance;

  • Taped rings of the spinnaker shrouds with self-amalgamating tape
  • Lubed the tiller (was a tad sticky last sail)
  • Lubed the traveller
  • Lubed moving parts of the rudders

Eventually got in the water with Shortty at helm, didn’t get to far before the bloody block came off the mainsail!  So a bit of mucking about ensued to sort it out (suspect to much slack in the line).

Once out of the bay the sea turned choppy making the upwind leg a bit tricky. This swell was great on the downwind giving the boat extra speed. Need to keep plenty of distance between the boat and shore in these conditions, not executing a tack correctly could be costly.

Some good take aways from this session, especially with respect to launching. In the commotion of the block coming off we didn’t activate the GPS and the swell made it challenging to use the camera rig.


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