Silence of the Hulls

The swaying of the pines and ripples on the water were early signs that this was gonna be a big session. Just as well a new trapeze harness and gloves were waiting for us under the covers to meet the challenges of force 5-6 wind and storm surge generated by tropical cyclone Son Tinh.

Sails were hauled and boat readied at waters edge for a bullet launch into a stiff onshore. Shortty took the helm and cast off. We had not gone more than 2 metres before realising the rope for the block was not tied off correctly!  Rope sorted we blasted off and just prior to leaving the relative shelter of the bay Metzy clipped in and was hanging ten.

Good times at the helm

There is something surreal about being both propelled and suspended above the water. Constant and subtle weight shifts are needed to keep the cat properly trimmed and avoid capsizing.At times the sound of water displacement ceased and all you could hear was the ‘silence of the hulls’ as the boat leaned up and away from you. Magic.

Navigating the wind shift round Peng Chau

We sailed between Peng Chau and DBay, following a similar course to two other Nacra’s that had set off before us. The downwind leg was fairly quick as well, the wind shifting past the western tip of Peng Chau forcing us to change to tack. Just outside the bay we raced a kite surfer for a while before heading back into DBay on two jives.

Heading back to the bay

Another awesome day of speed and power on Sinnerman. We weren’t that surprised to hear back on land that the two other Nacra’s had both capsized – a testament to the conditions.

Date: 27/10/2012 11:04 am
Distance: 27.3 kilometers
Elapsed Time: 2:10:42
Avg Speed: 12.5 km/h
Max Speed: 26.5 km/h
Avg Pace: 4′ 46″ per km


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