Round the Island

Shortty getting us out and into the action

Yesterday’s session left us wanting more and today did not disappoint!

We had the sails hauled in just 38mins, due to a steady on shore breeze we needed to move the Sinnerman out on to the beach with bow into wind in order to get the mainsail up.

Shortty helmed and we were out of the bay in one tack. Wind picked up significantly and we took advantage making another five tacks out towards Disneyland.

Metzy took the helm and gunned a straight line towards Peng Chau, then started the downwind leg around the island through the channel and back towards DBay.

Metzy at helm in Force 5-6

Great session with some adrenalin pumping moments when it could have gone pear shaped due to lack of concentration at helm in Force 5 conditions.

The sail was mapped using the GPS Motion X app for iPhone and the pics taken with a Sea & Sea DX-2G in housing with wide angle lens.


Date: 25/10/2012 10:23 am
Distance: 21.0 kilometers
Elapsed Time: 2:02:34
Avg Speed: 10.3 km/h
Max Speed: 23.9 km/h
Avg Pace: 5′ 49″ per km


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