Cam: “Why is the main sail not staying up?”

Metzy: “Did ya make sure the knot was facing towards the mast?”

Cam: “Yeah I think so”

Metzy: “She does’nt seem to want to grab, better bring her down and check eh”

So we figured it out in the end, yep, the knot needs to face the mast and it was a similar story for hauling the jib, something just didn’t feel right and after checking the trusty iPhone we realised we hadn’t attached the sail to the shroud (ahh…sailing term check me thinks).

Cam helmed today, forecast was for force 3, alas, it wasn’t to be and we spend most of the session floating! Being the top man he is, Chris used this time talk about the finer points of trimming the boat and Metzy clipped in with harness to get a feel for it.


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